Welcome to SaxMD University

Welcome to your exclusive, members-only access of Dr. Saxena's functional medicine education library! 

This has been designed after years of understanding what helps patients help themselves.  Taking complex medical topics and making them simple and real, these lectures are proven to help you in attaining your highest personal health goals!  

Welcome to a Whole New Way of Partnering


We hear you, and we agree.  Being Dr. Google and trying to figure out what is real and what is hype can be exhausting and time-consuming at the least.  For over a decade, Dr. Saxena has been compiling a library of videos that answers the questions that so many of her patients have and, just as important, the ones they don't know to ask.


Here's a quick summary of how this video library works for you:

  • You may be assigned specific 'homework' based on Dr. Saxena's review of your initial case history or following any lab review or office visit.  After thoughtful reviews, she often knows the likely root cause(s) and/or high yield therapies that are best for you.  But here's the big a-ha...  Even though Dr. Saxena may determine what is a best next step for you, years of experience have taught her that patients know the finer details of their case and the special 'life factors' that only emerge after a patient understands the science behind their condition.  When we collaborate like this, patients experience the power of PARTNERED DECISION-MAKING and how it actually yields the the best results in the shortest time possible.


  • Rest assured, Dr. Saxena will be the consummate health advisor for you, but at key times it will be essential you educate yourself on a topic or therapy before proceeding.  This video library is a collection of her most useful topics, and they can be watched at your CONVENIENCE and at your own pace for your best comprehension.  The truth is, you actually take on the role of being your own 'doctor' every single day.  Doesn't it make sense to be well-educated on your condition?  Yes!  Informed patients make less costly mistakes, suffer less risks and side-effects and need the healthcare system less and less.  It's that simple. 


  •  Another benefit of self-education is TIME-SAVINGS.  When you take the time to learn the foundations about a particular medical topic, your consultation time can be maximized with more decision-making discussions vs. teaching.  In this way, you have the option to SAVE MONEY with efficient and effective consultations.