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High Kick Healers - The Story of Dr. Saxena and Christa M. McNamara, APRN-BC

Sometimes the universe has an amazing way of bringing two people together in the right place and at the right time, and for Christa McNamara APRN-BC and Dr. Shilpa Saxena, MD this was definitely the case...twice! Read on as Dr. Saxena tells us the fascinating story of how these two met and became friends, reconnected as fellow mothers in the healing field years later, and ultimately teamed up to form a powerful and like-minded integrative medicine duo.

The High School High Kick Dance Team

Christa and Dr. Saxena went to the same high school in Martin County, Florida. They were separated by two years, Dr. Saxena being a junior when Christa entered as a freshman, which of course at the time meant that Dr. Saxena was the much older and wiser of the two. They met on the high school high kick dance and drill team, which performed at basketball and football games and competed at the national level. Dr. Saxena was pleased when Christa joined as she was 1 ¾ inches taller than Christa, which meant that Christa was the furthest dancer on the left of the high kick line. The last dancer on the left has to put her free hand on her hip rather than have two other dancers to lean on; this meant that Dr. Saxena had two dancers next to her for support, a welcome relief. The team used to have three hour practices after school on asphalt in the sweltering Florida heat and competition for performance spots was fierce. The girls closest to each other in the high kick line tended to have a closer bond than those who were placed further away and as such, Christa and Dr. Saxena got to know each other and became friends. "Not best friends," Dr. Saxena points out, "because I was obviously older which in high school meant there was an age difference, but we were definitely close and had a teammate bond."

The team performed at the Cotton Bowl Parade, the Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade, and more. Dr. Saxena and Christa both loved dance, had a competitive spirit, and enjoyed traveling and being part of the team. Dr. Saxena graduated and moved on to the University of Florida and then to med school, and the two drifted apart. She learned years later that Christa also went to the University of Florida and studied nursing. Dr. Saxena graduated and started practicing medicine, and had no idea Christa was a nurse in a hospital in the same town.

Fast Forward

Fast forward many years, the two are both mothers to two girls, and are looking for places to sit in their daughters' school auditorium for a parent conference. Unbeknownst to them, Dr. Saxena's younger daughter and Christa's older daughter were in the same grade at the same school at the time. Dr. Saxena, looking for her friends to sit with, recognized Christa in the aisles after years apart; they hugged, caught up briefly and exchanged numbers.

A few more years went by. Dr. Saxena's office was looking for a new Nurse Practitioner at the time, Christa saw the post advertised and texted Dr. Saxena about the posting. Dr. Saxena asked if she knew a good Nurse Practitioner and Christa said that yes, she was one, and she was looking for a job!

Christa now works in Dr. Saxena's Tampa office, and the two love working together. They realized that they had an uncanny amount of common ground; apart from both having two daughters, Dr. Saxena had done training in low-risk obstetrics and Christa was a nurse and nurse manager in obstetrics. "We realized we had so many similarities in our love for women's health, functional and integrative medicine, treating patients naturally, and helping patients to minimize medications," Dr. Saxena said, "it is such a joy to have her in the office. I feel like we have reconnected here for a reason, and I feel I have my teammate on board that shares my same philosophies, which is such a blessing!" They are both service-oriented and are change makers; Christa does volunteering and philanthropic work and Dr. Saxena does volunteering to support their local community as well.

"We have a sense of familiarity," Dr. Saxena said, "which is vital when you are growing through a significant period of your life as we are in the clinic. Being a high school girl is not always easy, we went through that together as teammates and supported each other in subtle ways. Now we're back operating as a team again. I'm so grateful to the universe for reconnecting us."

The two have combined extensive knowledge in functional and integrative medicine, women's health, nutrition, holistic healing, and more. They call themselves the High Kick Healers, a nod to the way they met and their past as teammates. Dr. Saxena and Christa will be filming regular video content on healthy living, ways to treat common conditions naturally, dispelling common health myths, advice on achieving optimal health, news from the integrative medicine field, and more. Stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram pages for the future collaborations and creations from this powerful duo, reconnected again they believe in order to help, heal, share, and serve.

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