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What Patients Really Want

The services provided at Forum Health Tampa are solutions that have evolved from Dr. Saxena's 22 years in the of progressive care in medicine. Having practiced in academic, large group and solo insurance-based offices, she learned that healthcare systems, here and afar, are not set up to get you healthy as much as prevent you from dying.  Although preventing death is important, a long lasting quality of life is what most people want from their healthcare providers.  


Until the insurance-based system changes its focus, savvy people who desire optimal health must invest in care beyond this.  As with most things, a wise investment creates exponential benefits in the future. Years of patients' success stories validate our approach and create positive possibilities for you.

Green Goodness


This 60-minute consultation delves into aspects of your case that are rarely addressed by the standard medical model. The typical doctor’s visit focuses on identifying a diagnosis and then prescribing a drug in order to ‘treat’ the effects of the symptom or disease. In contrast, our healthcare provider's time with you focuses on understanding why you developed a particular diagnosis or set of symptoms, in what order the events occurred to create your issues, what genetically or environmentally made you vulnerable to your issues, and most importantly, how to 'repair and fix' your systems with that new understanding.  By using the functional medicine timeline and matrix analyses, we decipher what is at the root of your seemingly unconnected health issues.


We then construct an in-depth assessment and strategic plan of care to correct your medical concerns. Utilizing skills in advanced lifestyle prescriptions (nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress therapies), incorporating fellowship-trained expertise of supplements and nutraceuticals, and integrating cutting-edge diagnostic technology, our methods consistently reduce our patients' undesirable symptoms and, even better, significantly reduce or eliminate their need for risky prescription drugs.  Above all, patients feel secure knowing that we maintain our classical MD and NP expertise with which we sift through the volumes of research to determine what is safe and right for you.  This is the power of integrative medicine at its best!

Committed to service excellence, Dr. Saxena is a faculty member of many prestigious medical education centers and organizations.  As an international thought leader and pioneer in Functional Medicine, she incorporates her vast expertise and experience into your care providing all patients at our office an expanded set of far safer therapeutic options. Ultimately, our entire team knows you simply want to heal your body, not just manage the disease by 'patching' it.

Working from Home

Let's face it.  In this day and age of medicine, it is difficult to find an expert who offers solutions beyond pharmaceuticals & procedures, who is not pressed for time, and whose office is fully engaged to help you reverse or cure your condition. 


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We offer convenient virtual visits through our cutting edge privacy-protected telehealth technology.  This means you can see us from your home on your computer or smart device.  Easier access for non-local patients, time saved for busy patients, and less COVID-19 risk for vulnerable patients- this is what innovative healthcare looks like.